AFC Christiana Tsai Memorial Guest Lodge is to serve AFC onsite training, to equip brothers and sisters face to face to be Ambassadors of Christ!


We provide bed necessaries, shampoo, body washer, hair dryer, towels.

You Will need to bring toothbrush and toothpaste, a pair of  slipper if needed.

Type A

Total: 10 Rooms

Double Queen-Size Bed

Independent Bathroom in Each Room


Type B

Total: 12 Rooms

Double Full-Size Bed + a Twin Size Sofa Bed

Independent Bathroom in Each Room


Type C

Total: 4 Suites

1 suite is combined with 1 type A and a meeting room with a full-size sofa bed 

Two Independent Bathroom in Each Suite



Capacity:40 people

Function: Use for group morning devotion and other gatherings. 

Fee: Free use (Only for AFC Guest)