Reaching Chinese intellectuals for Christ in this generation


In 1874, young Presbyterian missionary Charles Leaman embarked from here to China. He worked diligently, sowed with tears, and then rested in the Lord over on the mission field. In 1906, Christiana Tsai, daughter of Jiang-Su’s Governor, was converted to the Lord. She joined Charles Leaman’s daughter Mary to proclaim the gospel in many places. Later she contracted an eye disease that kept her comfortable only by staying in a dark room. Even so, she influenced countless brothers and sisters’ lives. In 1966, Sister Mary and Sister Tsai donated a portion of the Leaman family’s farm estate to the newly formed Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) organization for their use. Since then AFC has been ministering over a half century among Chinese intellectuals living in North America. Here, in Paradise, PA, from which Charles Leaman embarked, was the place where Sister Christiana Tsai ministered, with her “dark room as her mission field, and her bed as her pulpit.” Now this location has been the headquarters for training and administrative offices for AFC to “Reach this generation of Chinese intellectuals for Christ” during the past 50 years.



AFC Great Commission Training Center has an area of 13,600 square feet and has a capacity of 120 people in the main hall, as well as a dining area, a kitchen, some conference-rooms, open-style reception areas, spacious restrooms, modern audio-visual technology, and cable equipment. The Training Center is suitable for training events, getaways, and retreats for less than 120 people. It can also be used as your personal quiet-time space for regaining strength from God. 


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In order to honor the well-known Chinese evangelist and author, Ms. Christiana Tsai, “Queen of the Dark Chamber,” who lived here more than three decades, the board of AFC decided has to name the newly constructed lodge (finished in Jan 2017) after her to proclaim her spiritual legacy and missionary zeal.

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The 140-year old Leaman Family House is a place where you can feel God presence. Churches and groups are more than welcome to come and stay. We are providing a home-style facility where you can cook, fellowship and study all in one place. Through time here, we wish your spiritual life will be refreshed, and your relationship with God will be deeper and purer.  


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